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Name ISO_DIS 30414 Guidelines for Human Capital Reporting.pdf
DescriptionISO DIS 30414 Human resource management — Guidelines for human capital reporting for internal and external stakeholders Draft International Standard (DIS) version for ballot.
Document StateDraft (A preliminary sketch, outline, or version.)
Group / FolderUS TAG for TC 260 Human Resources / DIS Documents for TAG Review (Pre Ballot)
SubmitterBy Mr. Lee Webster on Mon, Jan 8 2018 3:34 pm UTC
ModifiedBy Mr. Lee Webster on Thu, Mar 8 2018 9:40 pm UTC
Technical ContactMr. Lee Webster
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HCR DIS comments0AddressedLorelei Carobolante2018-03-23Details
COMMENTS: 4.70AddressedEffenus Henderson2018-03-23Details
Human Capital Management Information0AddressedMark Ubelhart2018-03-22Details
4.7.1 General Section para 30NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
4.3 Target groups and stakeholder relevance para 20NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Scope Section NOTE:0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Scope Definition0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Recruitment, Mobility, and Turnover Section 4.7.90NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Leadership Section 4.7.50NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Diversity Section 1) g) Qualification0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Diversity Section 1) g) Qualification0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Diversity Section 4.7.4 1) e) Job Family0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Diversity Section 1) c) Nationailty Groups0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Diversity Section 1) b) Gender0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Workforce Availability Section0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Occupational Health and Safety Section0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Leadership Section parts 4) and 5)0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Diversity Section0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Costs Section0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Costs Section0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Cost Section0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Recruitment, Mobility and Turnover Section0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Reporting structure - Internal and External Reporting Section0NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Comment RE NOTE 1 in Diversity Section 4.7.40NewMarianne Parry2018-03-20Details
Feedback from Dr. Jac Fitz-enz about ISO DIS 304140NewLee Webster2018-03-19Details
Training hours is not a good metric0AddressedJohn Kleeman2018-03-18Details
Need to shorten the list of metrics recommended for external rep0AddressedLaurie Bassi2018-03-14Details
Number of hours of training should NOT be part of the standard0NewRoy Pollock2018-03-08Details
Confusion over two measures for number of employees0NewDavid Vance2018-01-19Details
Confusing definition for Absenteeism0NewDavid Vance2018-01-19Details
Restatement/Clarification of Comment 7400NewDavid Vance2018-01-19Details
Misplaced word in formula0NewDavid Vance2018-01-18Details
Incorrect characterization of KPIs for organizational success0NewDavid Vance2018-01-18Details
Item description below0NewDavid Vance2018-01-18Details